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Rockwall Sports Academy​

Rockwall Sports Academy enrolls highly motivated student-athletes who share a common goal – to obtain a premier education and elite soccer training within a single, competitive program.

We set the foundation for academic, athletic, and personal development to enable each individual to maximize his or her full potential and ultimately reach and succeed at the next level.

  • High-quality training led by international coaches and exposure to professional coaches and trainers throughout the year.
  • Competitive and selective admission process, ensuring your child will be among the best and brightest talents in the region.
  • Enriched academic programming delivered by certified educators.

About Us

We are an innovative independent academy designed for dedicated student-athletes.

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Come with us and tell us your doubts, we will gladly seek to clarify them.

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We are located in Rockwall, Texas. Without a doubt we are the best option.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a positive influence on this journey that we call life. Not only will they get top notch training from our experienced coaches they will also be pushed to the next level and they also will be receiving the same quality of teaching from our staff.



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Our work team is made up of coaches of the highest level, with extensive experience and above all with excellent preparation.

Franky Oviedo
Eduardo Martínez​

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