Rockwall Sports Academy Is Now Here In Rockwall, Texas.

Rockwall Sports Academy is now here in Rockwall, Texas.

This is just the beginning.

Our Coaches and educators are here to be role models for your children.

Not only will your child improve on the field but also in the classroom.

  • Rockwall Sports Academy

  • The program allows student-athletes to focus on their schooling while learning and developing their soccer skills, away from distractions.
  • Players from all clubs are welcome, there is no need to leave your club.
  • Student-athletes will have the ability to train twice a day for 5 days per week working on all aspects of soccer, while still participating with their own clubs.
  • Mission

Our mission is to provide a positive influence on this journey that we call life. Not only will they get top notch training from our experienced coaches they will also be pushed to the next level, and they also will be receiving the same quality of teaching form our staff.
  • You may ask why join Rockwall Sports Academy for training and education?

Well why not?

Rockwall Sports Academy will have coaches who will provide their vast experience, knowledge and their philosophy for training.

We are dedicated to your childrens education as that is a major priority.

This is why we have decided to create this program in this community that will also provide a safe and happy environment for your children.


Rockwall Indoor Sports World

RISW (Rockwall Indoor Sports World) Home of Rockwall Sports Academy, a one-of-a-kind location, ideal for student-athletes to train and develop on the field, in the classroom, and as a person among the best prospects of the metroplex

  • 100,000-sq.-ft. sports complex
  • 2 indoor and 5 outdoor soccer fields
  • 2 classrooms
  • Well equipped gym
  • Cafeteria and rest area

2922 S Goliad St, Rockwall, Texas, 75032

Our hours

8:00 AM – 22.00 PM
Monday – Sunday

Contact us

Phone: 214-680-9241